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ID tags & plates for civil & utility companies.

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Installation Procedures

Simply drill a 5mm hole into the base material to a depth deeper than the embedment required.

Using a hammer or mallet drive the anchor through the fixture into the another hole the until the head is fimly seated against the fixture.

Be sure the anchor is drive to the required embedment depth.

Mushroom head and stainless steel spike

The Mushroom head and stainless steel spike’s are designed to be a simple and robust means of fixing tags in place. The spike is formed with an ‘s’ shaped configuration at the working end of the anchor to create an expansion mechanism. The pre-expanded mechanism is activated as the anchor is driven into the drilled hole and creates a spring-type compression force against the walls of the hole.

Use of the spike anchor reduces installation time, since the anchor is pre-expanded, and there is no secondary lighting operation required. This greatly reduces the overall cost of an anchor installation. The simple, installation procedure helps to insure a quality application each time the spike anchor is used

Fixed Legs & Single Spike Tags

All fixed leg tags and single spike markers are designed to simply be pushed into wet concrete.


brass-EA-2, 120 x 60 (widest pt) x 30mm (slimmest pt) by 2mm thick BRASS – Engraved and including Clear topcoat protectant sealant to help prolong tarnishing.

Includes 2 x Stainless steel fixing spikes and Nylon washers

Please allow time for engraving and paint prep & drying time.


  • Alternative option – Stainless steel plates available & already in stock.